A little about me

I wear many hats these days, sometimes I shuffle them several times a day. But let me start with the basics..

My name is Imelda Ojeda and live in Downtown Phoenix, AZ. I am a proud immigrant born and raised in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Mexico and moved to Arizona in 2004 in pursuit of my dreams. Since then, I have managed to get my hands on as many new opportunities as possible while trying to make a positive impact in my community.

I am a proud social worker and this has allowed me to work in diverse settings such as child development, mental health, education, homelessness, domestic violence, public health, community development, political outreach, and the list goes on. I hold a BS in Psychology and a double Master’s degree in Social Work and Public Administration from Arizona State University (go devils!) .

I LOVE being a social worker both at the micro (individual) and macro (community) levels because I strongly believe both are equally important in order to make long lasting impact.

My current adventures include doing interventions with high school students, being an instructor at ASU School of Social work, and leading a grassroots community space for social workers in Arizona (www.azswn.com). During my spare time I sit on the board of a local YMCA, chair the Political Action for Candidate Endorsement Committee (PACE) for NASW- AZ, and support various local initiatives.

I believe personal relationships and friendships are the glue that holds life together and keep people healthy. I like to have fun, try new things, travel, and be surrounded by friends and loved ones.

My days are usually fast paced, with early mornings and late nights, often involve large amounts of coffee, trainings, community events, and of course lots of friends and socializing. I wouldn’t change a thing and love every minute of it because at the end of the day… I am just Socially Working!

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Instagram @Sociallyworkingblog

Personal @imeojeda

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