AZ Social Workers Network

Sharing about this projects brings me so much joy! AZ Social Workers Network was born out of the need to bridge the gap between experienced/seasoned social work professionals and new graduates, and to facilitate collaboration among social workers in diverse areas to create community change. I want to give a special thank you to my partner David and his company for helping me put my ideas and vision into reality by creating this beautiful online platform where it all comes together

We host our monthly Social Workers Meetup where we meet to have a good time, share a quick bite and drinks, and get to know other social workers and individuals who are making amazing impact in our community, no agendas, no speeches, just fun!

If you are a social worker, work in the social services and mental health field or have friends who can benefit from this, invite them to check it out! also make sure to follow us on FB, Instagram, Twitter and register on our state wide social workers database ! It’s FREE!